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New location unveiled

The building of the new space became a labor of love for Barbara Ann Dublin, Executive Director and her family.  For example, DJ Dublin, son of Mrs. Dublin, chose as his Eagle Scout Project, to construct and build the necessary shelving to store food donations.  While a myriad of projects could have been selected, DJ embraced his mother’s passion and contributed in his own way, thanks to the support of Troop 231.  He also took the lead of his father, Officer Darrell Dublin, who spent countless hours moving the non-profit organization to its new location, finding short-term solutions during the renovation period, and believing in his wife’s vision, regardless of the challenges faced.  These contributions, while personal, illustrate how individuals can impact larger community projects that change the lives of others.  However, Mrs. Dublin articulately describes the ultimate accomplishment as “bittersweet.” While we are beyond pleased and grateful with the results of everyone’s efforts and contributions, it would be preferable if the services and facility were not needed in our community at all.”

Mrs. Dublin has a vision for providing service to people that is reflective of the respect she has for each individual.  GWIM provides an array of services, including daily meals, emergency food supplies, monthly food pantry, and a resource center.  The value placed on respecting each individual has shaped the visionary approach to how the services are provided.  Unfortunately, when people are in need and must ask for help, their ability to choose may be taken away from them.  Many of our neighbors cannot go to a grocery store and afford to purchase their own food.  In this new facility, when they visit the GWIM food pantry they will have the experience of shopping and making choices that are best for themselves and their families.  Throughout the design of the new site, Mrs. Dublin was inspired and committed to making certain that the food pantry services could be provided in this manner.

Another visionary component of the new site that came to fruition was the creation of resource center space with an uncompromising sense of privacy.  Asking for assistance can be daunting.  Creating an environment where those services can be sought without others knowing, can eliminate another barrier.  When partners such as StayWell Health Center, Social Security, Legal Aid, and Veterans Out Reach provide on-site services, consumers with pertinent questions will obtain a lending hand.     

The GWIM Board of Directors, the Delegates, Mrs. Dublin and her staff are humbled by the commitment and contributions by so many.  They look forward to serving meals and welcoming guests to their food pantry in their new location at 770 East Main Street, Waterbury, CT with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  

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