Statistics - Here's how we are doing.

​January 2018 Soup Kitchen served 13,381 meals

Emergency Food Pantry -provided 11,238 meals for 1,127 individuals

February 2018 Soup Kitchen served 12,222 meals

Emergency Food Pantry- provided 10,164 meals for 996 individuals

March 2018 Soup Kitchen served

Emergency Food Pantry - provided


Thanks to  Donors like you

We are able to serve

so many due to the generosity of many donors and resources available to us including: 

  • local businesses
  • faith communities
  • organizations
  • schools
  • agencies
  • individuals
  • food banks
  • grants
  • foundations
  • ​community fund drives
  • and YOU!!!

The Emergency Food Pantry provides groceries once a month to feed the whole household and single bags of groceries as the need arises. 

We have found that the need is greatest at the end of the month when resources are about gone. Therefore, we provide bags of groceries for each person in the household on the last Monday of the month. This is done through "food choice" by which a person may "shop" for the items most needed and best for their families. These bags provide nutritionally balanced meals which will serve one person, 3 meals a day, for 4 days. 

In 2017, we provided an average of 14,000 meals on that one Monday, feeding approximately 1,300 people at the end of each month. 

Emergency Food Pantry

The GWIM Soup Kitchen ​provides a nutritionally balanced hot meal each weekday from 11 am to 1 pm  to all who are in need.

In 2017, we served an average of 15,000 hot meals and bagged lunches, as well as fresh produce, baked goods, meats, and dairy products each month, serving approximately  

hundreds of people each day.

We also served bag lunches on weekends and holidays thanks to our faith based communities, business and other helping organizations   generous donations of lunches and food.

Statistically our guests are:

all races, colors, ages, languages, conditions, and needs:                   

64% are men

32% are women

4% are children

​Soup Kitchen

What we do with your help!

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